On Using the Scientific Method in IT

The Scientific Method as defined by Encyclopedia Britannica Scientific is the “method, mathematical and experimental technique employed in the sciences. More specifically, it is the technique used in the construction and testing of a scientific hypothesis.” As implied by the name, this methodology has typically been 

This methodology, however, can also be applied to procedural troubleshooting, making engineers and technicians more effective. The number one problem in IT is people not knowing what they’re doing. We’re going to assume that you’re working with someone who at least has a basic understanding. The second is changing too many variables at once. While this may fix the problem, it could lead to additional issues further down the line and more importantly, doesn’t answer the question of what the underlying issue was.

So in the process of managing a successful Helpdesk, I’ve developed the following tutorial that helps engineers and technicians think about their work, analyze it, and in so doing, solves problems more quickly and more efficiently.

More coming soon…

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